Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A return to the water.

It has been many months and in the interim I have visited the one mile stretch of the Farmington that sits outside my front door only once. The theraputic elements of water have, however, included an overnight weekend on another stretch of the Farmington with a large gathering of good people for paddling, food, and good company. I have also repeated an annual rafting trip with the senior class at Westminster School where I teach and serve as a dean of students. Both trips served to remind me why I love the water so much and why I started this blog in the first place - to remind myself on a daily basis of the wonder of water. I'll be gathering with about a dozen fellow paddlers tomorrow evening for a two hour run of the Farmington below the dam in Collinsville. We paddled the stretch last Wednesday on a beautiful summer evening pulling out our boats at the take-out just as the sun dropped below the horizon.

My camera is still in limbo and I mean to take it to the local photo store to see if there is any hope. Since my last post in November, however, I have purchased a video camera and will get some digital footage (megs would be more appropriate I guess) to post or link.

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Juila said...

Bill, checked finally to see if you were back on the water. Glad to see for you and us that you are! Would love to hear more from you! J